The one has to save two weeks for a small fad, the other shaves in the morning and has a big stubble in the evening. Whatever face growth you have, shave or trim everyone needs.

Men who do not grow a huge beard sometimes doubt how and how often they have to shave for the best result. Of course, there is not one perfect look, because tastes differ. Yet there are certain things you can do to ensure that you always look sharp.

Accentuate your jawline

Unfortunately, we do not all have the jawline of Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt, but that does not mean we can not handle anything. With a beard you can perfectly accentuate your jaw line, even if it is virtually absent from you. You do this by leaving at least a small opaque stubbly beard and shaving it under your jaw line.

You follow a tight line, creating a sort of shadow that gives you a stronger jaw line. A big mistake of many men is that they shave the (stubble) beard too high. Do not shave right on the jaw bone, but just below. The beard falls just below your jaw and the border between shaved and unshaven is less visible, which is much nicer.


First trimming for volume, then length

Do you want to leave a slightly longer beard and have your face always shaved clean, start with a short trim. Trim your beard regularly with a top piece so that your beard gets the time to get well filled. Some hairs grow less quickly than others.

Once your beard is fuller, you can grow it a little longer. It is also good to regularly trim a bit, so that the length of the entire beard remains the same. On the chin, for example, the beard grows faster than on the cheeks. You can easily determine the length of your beard with different attachments.

Do not wait too long to replace the blades

It is something that all too often fails: replace the blades. Yet it is actually something that you should be working on, because the sharpness of your blades largely determine how the shave itself goes. With blunt blades, shaving is more difficult, more painful and the risk of a wound is greater.

With electrical razors this problem is a lot less, but here too it does not hurt to occasionally look critically to see if the head piece needs to be replaced. Your skin will thank you.