A woman’s body undergoes major changes during pregnancy, As the stomach becomes larger, the hair will darken, the stomach will slow down, and your skin will probably get stretch marks.

But one of the very first symptoms of pregnancy is that the breasts grow and become sore.

Each breast increases by 200-400 g Already in early pregnancy you may notice changes in the breasts.

First and foremost, they usually become sore. However, this is not something that appears. But it also doesn’t take long before they get excited, and many find that the breasts are getting bigger and firmer during pregnancy.

When pregnancy is a fact, the mammary glands begin to develop. It is especially in the first third of pregnancy that breasts increase in size.

On average, each breast increases by 200-400 grams, according to Ammehjelpen .

Some women, therefore, go up several bra sizes during pregnancy, but this is individual.

– Some women notice on their breasts that they are pregnant. When hormone production in the body changes, the breast gland begins to grow

Increase in the glandular tissue occurs in all pregnant women. This is due to the hormone estrogen that the placenta produces in abundant quantities, explains the midwife.

The blood vessels become more visible Regardless of size, most women have plenty of milk ducts, and these are essential for breastfeeding.

Difference between small and large breasts before pregnancy is largely due to the difference in fat tissue.

– Typically for pregnant women that the blood vessels become more visible, and all this makes pregnant women feel cold on their breasts quite well.

“Towards the end of the pregnancy, it helps to push the breast knob slightly outwards, so that those who have fairly flat breast buds in the beginning feel that they are getting better,” she says.

When breasts change shape after pregnancy, it is due to changes that occur during pregnancy.

The breastfeeding itself has little effect on the shape of the breasts afterwards.