A species we performed extremely well. Homo sapiens is not very strong either, not very fast or rats or well adapted to heat or cold. But the 5.8 million million human beings on this planet occupy a larger part of the Earth’s land surface than any other species. click the following webpage

It is the 1.4kg of our brain that brought us where we are today, just humanly speaking. Together with a handy hand and ability to speak, which in each case requires a good brain, it’s humanity’s “gray matter”, which this single type of life is the most comfortable, widespread, intelligent, exuberant, creative and potential devastating earthly species ever made.

Here We The Brainys explains that the brain is divided into separate structures, all with different roles. (No leek will, however, be able to show that the brain is the organ of intelligence. The old Greek wisdom and scientific Aristotle, as far as the first person who attributed organs attributes, has thought the brain is a cooling mechanism – and that start your nose to drain the cooling fluid. He concluded that the heart is the seat of thought because it knocks faster when one gets excited or scared.)

The brain is unique in that the left and right functions differently, so the left side is considered dominant, even at left-handed ones. Victims of a stroke destroying the dominant side will die, while similar damage, on the other hand, is not necessarily fatal.

Damage on the right side of a right hand rarely leads to flawed speech. Almost all such failures are caused by damage to the left because the left side is in control of one’s language use.

Differences between the two brain halves even exist in newborn babies. Sailors usually turn four times more to the right than to the left. Where both speech and skill are usually regulated by the brain’s dominant left shoulder, the right side is free for different tasks, as well as controlling the body’s left side. It is more focused on spatial activities, the expression and recognition of emotion and the recognition of faces.

The left side is the word for words and the right side for words. You can test it with a friend who is willing to work together. Stand for this person and ask a verbal (verbal) or arithmetic question. He will probably look to the right side. After a spatial question – for example: what is directly below the toilet on the top floor? – should turn his eyes to the left. The eyes move to reduce the visual input to that half of the brain that should be taken into consideration – to the right for verbal questions and to the left for spatial questions.

Inside the brain with its 50 thousand million neurons or nerve cells RIGHT , each nerve cell capable of a very small electrical pulse firing, and get to do it on the basis of input he receives from other nerve cells. Some impulses are very weak – the whole brain only produces about 20 watts of power – but every firing must be enough to repel the next cell or group of cells.