The potato is always eaten a lot in the Netherlands. But there are sometimes conflicting sounds about whether you should or should not peel them. The vitamins would be in or just under the skin. With some dishes, potatoes are served with peel. So what about that really with that peel of our beloved piepers?

Short history

The potato has been eaten for a long time. In the sixteenth century the potato came to Europe from Peru. Today, Peru and Chile are in conflict about from which of these two countries the potato originates. The anecdote is that the potato was introduced to the French court. The cooks, however, had prepared the plant and not the tubers. Obviously that was not a success. A poor workman later discovered the roasted potatoes in a heap of waste and discovered that a good food to eat was hidden under the skin.

The potato is popular

The potato is not so popular for nothing. You can prepare it in many ways. Typical Dutch is of course cooking the potato and then serving with a similarly cooked vegetable. Thanks to the many types of vegetables, you can vary extensively with that. But a potato can of course also be fried, deep-fried, steamed or puffed. In addition, there are now all kinds of special dishes in the supermarket with which you can add even more variety.

Potato peel or not?

You sometimes hear contradictory noises about whether or not potatoes are peeled. One says that you have to peel the potato. Another thinks that a potato including skin is the healthiest. And a third peels the potato as thin as possible because all vitamins would be just under the skin.

How healthy is the potato actually

In the Netherlands the potato has long been a fixed factor in our food pattern. The food center also recommends regular potatoes for a long time. And that is not for nothing, because there is a lot of vitamin C in potatoes. But you also find vitamin B, potassium, iron and zinc in the potato. In the mid-eighteenth century, the average Dutch person ate one kilo of potatoes per day. Nowadays that is only about 100 grams per day.

Carbohydrates in potatoes

Nowadays there are many people who follow a diet based on as little carbohydrate as possible. Eating potatoes every day is not an option. Understandably, because in 100 grams of boiled potatoes are no less than 16 grams of carbohydrates. With 100 grams of fries, that is even 40 grams! But if you leave the potato, you have to make sure that you get the necessary nutrients in a different way.

What is in the shell of the potato?

There are no excess substances in the shell that are missing in the rest of the potato. So you can safely peel them. However, there are fibers in the shell. With some fruits, however, there are relatively more vitamins in the shell. This protects the fruit itself against bacteria and fungi. You do not have to eat potato peel for the vitamins. With the potato, the protection takes place, among other things, thanks to the poison solanine in the shell.

Do potatoes contain poison?

Yes, there is poison in the potato. That is to say: especially in the potato peel. The potato is in fact a member of the nightshade family, a certain family of plants. Many plants in this family are poisonous and are used for all kinds of medicines. But also normal edible vegetables, such as peppers, aubergines and tomatoes belong to this family.

The poison in the potato peel is initially present in a very small amount. If a potato is exposed to light or exposed to light, green spots appear in and just under the skin. This is also where the foothills develop over time. The green color indicates that there is an increased concentration of solanine there. That is why potatoes are best kept dark and cool.

If you eat a potato with a green spot, you will not immediately become very ill. As with many things, it mainly depends on the amount you get inside. But it is unwise to eat old potatoes with suckers and all.

Still eat potatoes with peel?

If you make sure that you eat the potato, if it is still fresh, that is possible in principle. There are many countries where they often eat potatoes with peel. For example in America. There they often eat baked potato, including the skin. According to the Mayo clinic, an authoritative clinic in America, the fibers in the skin are important. They ensure that the healthy nutrients in the potato are better preserved during preparation.

Pesticides on the peel

Finally, a little bit about the possibility of pesticide on the skin of the potato. Some people are afraid of that. They therefore want to peel the potato for that reason. In principle, there can be pesticides on the outside of the potato. But fortunately that is not so bad in the Netherlands. There are many rules concerning the use of pesticides. In certain other countries, especially the less developed countries with less stringent regulations, this chance is greater. You have to be more careful.