You would like to shuffle the extra kilos without reconnecting it. How you do this is now practically set out in a new book. What you read may surprise you.

It’s New Year’s Day 2008 and you’re sitting in a full hall. Everyone in the slimming club has one intention: to lose weight in the coming year. And you do it too. Two years later, you’re keeping your money – and only the front two rows did not turn all that weight back on. Move the watch until 2012. From the original group only the front row is getting lean.

About 85% of all people who lose weight will re-enter (and more) within two years . After four years the percentage is 95%, says dr. Luc Evenepoel, Cape Town’s narcotist and author of the book Dr. Luc’s Promise: Lose the Weight & Keep It Off (Penguin, 2012).

Google “weight loss” and you get about 8 million web pages in 0.3 second. On the website about 400 diets are analyzed and criticized. Then there are the hot sellers: The Atkins Diet, South Beach, Ornish …

Yet a billion people on the planet are overweight. And everybody should lose weight for aesthetic reasons, but their health. Fat tissue, especially those around your waist, is dangerous. It releases harmful substances and plays a role from diabetes to cancer.

“Your body has an ideal weight, which always tends to. It differs from person to person, and from firefighter to “cushions” in strategic places. But if you lose only 5 kg and do not put it back on, it already has health benefits , “said Dr. Luc, who received information for his book from various international study findings.

Thus, a major 16-year study focused on people with weight-related problems. Those who only lost 3 kg permanently were healthier than those who reached their ideal weight but gained weight. So if you want to get rid of the kilograms, do it in such a way that you can sustain it. Do not make the same mistake over and over again.

Keep in mind

You are likely to lose weight on that diet, yes. But you’re not going to eat indefinitely like this. And then all those fat just go back and get a good deal. Diets take you too far away from your usual ways – your individual life, your environment and your preferences. In addition: If you decide not to eat chocolate for 100 days, what are you going to do on day 101? You’re going to celebrate it with chocolate, not with lettuce!

Weight loss is not about bulky endurance. Relax and spoil yourself occasionally. Eat a small piece of chocolate a few times a week. Our bodies did not change with the times. Portions have grown steadily and are now about 35% bigger than fifty years ago.