In our workshops and during our challenges and programs I always notice that it works best to start with an explanation of the pitfalls that many people encounter. Because if you know what to look out for, then it is much easier not to make a fatal mistake.

Often, after discussing the fatal errors, people immediately see what they are doing and immediately have an idea of ??how they can do better in the future. So let’s see what the 4 fatal errors are when it comes to burning belly fat.

Mistake 1: Follow a diet

Probably you are now staring at the image with raised eyebrows, while you think: “But Jasper, you have to follow a diet to lose weight? That is the whole purpose of the diet! “

Yes and no, let me explain it.

Following a diet is an excellent way to break your normal pattern and do something else. Because you know: if you keep doing what you always do, you will get what you always received. So if you are overweight right now, something will have to change to lose weight. Dieting is a great way to initiate that change. The problem I have with a diet is that it implies that it is something temporary.

You do it for a week, or two weeks or maybe for a month, but at a certain point you stop a diet. And what happens next? Yes, you guessed it. You fall back into your old patterns. You fall back into your old behavior. You start eating what you eat ‘normally’ and you start drinking what you drank ‘normally’.

And it is of course no surprise that your weight will soon return to your ‘normal’ level, too heavy. Instead of rigidly changing your eating habits and going lines or diets for 4 weeks, I advise you to change in small steps, but to continue to make those changes. Sounds awkward? Do not worry. Later in this article you will learn exactly how you can easily achieve this.

Mistake 2: Do abdominal exercises

For years, golden-tanned ladies and gentlemen with snow-white teeth told us at Tell Sell how they got a tight stomach by using the most diverse abdominal muscle devices. That’s why we all started thinking that abdominal exercises are the way to get rid of your belly fat. But that is not the way it works.

Abdominal exercises make your abdominal muscles stronger, but if there is a thick layer of fat over the tube muscles, you will not see it at all. And the number of calories that you burn during such an abdominal muscle training are practically negligible. So abdominal exercises do not help you burn your belly fat.

What (next to healthy eating) helps to burn your belly fat is strength training. And preferably, short and intensive strength training. The people who are interested in this can download a free training schedule that I have developed specifically to stimulate abdominal fat burning (and overall fat burning). Exercising abdominal exercises is the second mistake I see many people make when they want to burn their belly fat.

Mistake 3: Stop eating good food

Yes, that’s right: if you want to lose weight you absolutely should not stop eating good food. Is not that a great news? And this is what I mean in two different ways. Let me explain it to you. First of all, it is important that after you decide to eat healthier in order to burn your belly fat, you do not say things to yourself like: “I will never eat chocolate again”, “I stop drinking” or “I will from now on never eat again “.

Why not? Because that is not true at all. How stupid would it be if you can never eat a chocolate again from now on. I would not be happy about that. Because you know, sometimes I just fancy a chocolate, and do you know what I do? Then I just eat one. (Note, I say “one”, not “the whole suit” 😉

And furthermore I mean by “absolutely not stopping with good food”, that you still have to continue to enjoy the three main meals of the day. I often see that people who start to lose weight suddenly start eating very little and very sparingly. For example, they only eat salads or vegetables without flavorings. And that is absolutely unnecessary, there are a lot of delicious meals that help you lose weight quickly. Here are a few:

In the Slimming Pro Pack you will find many more delicious healthy recipes that help you lose weight.

Stopping good food is the third mistake I see many people make when they want to lose weight.

Mistake 4: Do cardio training

In addition to “eating less”, “running a round” is the most popular slimming tip. Sounds logical, but unfortunately there are few people who just think one step further and see if this is really a good idea. Let me first say that running in itself is not really unhealthy, and that it can even help with weight loss. But there are also a number of negative aspects that are not often mentioned. I briefly discuss them here.

First of all, running is very sensitive to injury. Because you make the same movement for a long time, wear often occurs on the hip, knee and ankle joint. That is why you encounter many runners who have had an injury more than once. And if you are overweight, this wear will often only go faster for the simple reason that there is more pressure on your joints.

Did you know, for example, that you put 3 times more pressure on your knees when you run than when you just walk. In addition, long-term running can ensure that too much of the stress hormone cortisol is produced in your body. This hormone is known to break down muscle tissue and just slow down fat burning. And that muscle tissue you just want to keep because muscles accelerate fat burning.

That is not all, by the way. I could write a very special article about how more running does not address the cause of your overweight (that’s too many sugars and carbohydrates but more about that later), but only tries to fight the symptoms by burning calories.