Brain supplements contain vitamin B5 for the concentration as well as an innovative active ingredient formula from Brahmi, Ginkgo and Citicolin. Citicoline is the starting material for the most important neurotransmitter in the human brain: acetylcholine. This means that the brain can use citicoline, also known as CDP choline, to form the neurotransmitter acetylcholine without lengthy conversion processes.

Sufficient sleep

Sleep can also improve brain performance. Only those who allow themselves enough rest, can also bring full performance. Experts recommend that you sleep 7-8 hours per night, depending on how active you are during the day. But not only the quantity counts, also the sleep quality plays an important role in the recovery. BRAINEFFECT SLEEP with melatonin can help you fall asleep, because it contains the important natural sleep hormone that regulates human sleep. But equally interesting could be the SLEEP SPRAYbe for you. The new and innovative product, which also contains melatonin, you spray in the evening easily in your mouth and is then absorbed very quickly via the mucous membranes.

Creating visuals

Anyone who presents information as an image can memorize and memorize even more complex information. Connections are thus usually even clearer and retrieving the information usually succeeds significantly faster. There are no limits to your creativity. Decorate your walls with Post-Its or draw up diagrams. Everyone decides for themselves what the right learning tactics are and there is no right or wrong.

Creative are who devotes his free time with creative things from daily activities faster the right thoughts. It is extremely important to pursue a compensatory activity, in addition to learning or working. Creative activities such as painting, photography or music are best suited for this, but sport can also help! Just try it out, because whoever makes that balance can improve his brain power.


Anyone who structures and organizes himself and his everyday life will certainly be able to perform better in terms of thinking. The better you organize your everyday life, the less you have to strain the capacity of your brain with unnecessary information. Try to make your everyday life as routine as possible! You would like to create new routines, but do not know exactly how? In this article you will learn the 7 secrets of a perfect morning routine !