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What is plastic surgery? What does a plastic surgeon do?

Plastic surgery is perhaps one of the least understood medical specialisms. Many people think of cosmetic surgery in plastic surgery, such as breast enlargement or Botox. But this is only a small part of the work of plastic surgeons. For plastic surgery includes, for example, hand and wrist surgery and reconstructive surgery. On this page you can read all about plastic surgery. You will also find information here that can help you choose the right clinic and doctor for an operation.

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a specialism that focuses on changing and improving the function and shape of the body. You have to see this in a very broad sense. For example, plastic surgeons can repair congenital bodily abnormalities. For example, a cleft lip . A part of the body can also be restored after illness. Think of a breast reconstruction after cancer. In addition, plastic surgeons also focus on repairing physical injuries caused by an accident or other trauma. You can think of burns or a shattered hand.

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery includes procedures whereby the shape and function of the body are restored. This can be a scar correction , but also a recovery operation after an accident or illness, such as breast cancer.
Hand and wrist surgery
Hand and wrist surgeons restore the function of the hand that does not function properly due to an acute or chronic illness. For example, the function of a hand that has been damaged by an accident or other trauma can be restored. More chronic diseases such as Carpal tunnel syndrome or a Trigger finger can also be treated.

Cosmetic surgery

Many plastic surgeons also concentrate on cosmetic surgery. This is also called aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures are procedures that are performed to make the body more beautiful. You can think of a breast augmentation or eyelid correction.

On OMB you will find mainly treatments that fall under the last mentioned specialism, the cosmetic surgery. We try to provide objective information on this website about almost all cosmetic procedures that are carried out in the Netherlands. You can also find a list of clinics that perform the treatment on our website per treatment .

Think carefully about what aspect of your body you want to see differently
The NVPC advises you to think carefully about the change you would like to see.

Carefully examine the different treatments that can help to realize your wishes. So before you talk to a doctor you already have a good idea of ??the possibilities.

Research clinics and doctors

It is important to do proper research on the doctor and clinic that you have in mind. Preferably choose a clinic that has the ZKN quality mark. The clinics with a ZKN quality mark meet very strict requirements.

Before choosing a doctor, it is important to ask for the background of the doctor. What kind of education did he have? And what is his specialty? The NVPC also recommends choosing a plastic surgeon who is a member of the NVPC.

Pain in the Muscles of the Legs, the Reasons

Regular cramps in the night in children and teens are the result of differences in loads on the arterial and venous vessels. This is due to the growing organism physiology explains intensive circulation in the period of the child’s motor activity during the day, and a sharp decrease in vascular tone during sleep. Easy massage shin improves blood flow and relieves unpleasant stiffness. The formation of elastic fibers will end until 10-12 years of life, and the night will have muscle spasms.

But pain in the muscles of the bones of a child caused by orthopedic disabilities requires thorough medical examination and treatment . Also, pain in the muscles of the legs may cause some common diseases of the vascular system, such as:

nerve pain

Atherosclerosis and disease of the veins associated with the delay and accumulation of cholesterol plaques on the inner shell. The occurrence of seals on the walls of the blood vessels is associated with metabolic disorders, and may be due to spasm caused by high blood pressure to arterial beings. Attention to atherosclerosis is still cold throughout the year, with muscle aches compressible in nature and intensified; Spatters are caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels during slowing of blood flow. Often distressed women, especially during pregnancy, have the feeling of worry in the legs.

Symptoms begin to appear in early childhood, burning, cramps, pain in the calf muscles. The great danger is a chronic form. Thrombophlebitis. Inflammation of the lining of the veins leads to the formation of blood clots, which irritates nerve tips, manifests bumps, hurts pain. The disease can affect the deep and superficial veins.

Pain in the muscles of the bones can also be caused by a violation of the skiatic nerve upon displacement or Hernia disc. Constant irritation roots sciatica able to penetrate the entire foot to the tone sharp, shocking pain.

The treatment is chosen depending on the source of pain only on the basis of magnetic resonance diagnosis.

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