What is plastic surgery? What does a plastic surgeon do?

Plastic surgery is perhaps one of the least understood medical specialisms. Many people think of cosmetic surgery in plastic surgery, such as breast enlargement or Botox. But this is only a small part of the work of plastic surgeons. For plastic surgery includes, for example, hand and wrist surgery and reconstructive surgery. On this page you can read all about plastic surgery. You will also find information here that can help you choose the right clinic and doctor for an operation.

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a specialism that focuses on changing and improving the function and shape of the body. You have to see this in a very broad sense. For example, plastic surgeons can repair congenital bodily abnormalities. For example, a cleft lip . A part of the body can also be restored after illness. Think of a breast reconstruction after cancer. In addition, plastic surgeons also focus on repairing physical injuries caused by an accident or other trauma. You can think of burns or a shattered hand.

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery includes procedures whereby the shape and function of the body are restored. This can be a scar correction , but also a recovery operation after an accident or illness, such as breast cancer.
Hand and wrist surgery
Hand and wrist surgeons restore the function of the hand that does not function properly due to an acute or chronic illness. For example, the function of a hand that has been damaged by an accident or other trauma can be restored. More chronic diseases such as Carpal tunnel syndrome or a Trigger finger can also be treated.

Cosmetic surgery

Many plastic surgeons also concentrate on cosmetic surgery. This is also called aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures are procedures that are performed to make the body more beautiful. You can think of a breast augmentation or eyelid correction.

On IdealBody.nl you will find mainly treatments that fall under the last mentioned specialism, the cosmetic surgery. We try to provide objective information on this website about almost all cosmetic procedures that are carried out in the Netherlands. You can also find a list of clinics that perform the treatment on our website per treatment .

Think carefully about what aspect of your body you want to see differently
The NVPC advises you to think carefully about the change you would like to see.

Carefully examine the different treatments that can help to realize your wishes. So before you talk to a doctor you already have a good idea of ??the possibilities.

Research clinics and doctors

It is important to do proper research on the doctor and clinic that you have in mind. Preferably choose a clinic that has the ZKN quality mark. The clinics with a ZKN quality mark meet very strict requirements. On IdealBody.nl you can immediately see which clinics have this quality mark.

Before choosing a doctor, it is important to ask for the background of the doctor. What kind of education did he have? And what is his specialty? The NVPC also recommends choosing a plastic surgeon who is a member of the NVPC.

Pain in the Muscles of the Legs, the Reasons

Regular cramps in the night in children and teens are the result of differences in loads on the arterial and venous vessels. This is due to the growing organism physiology explains intensive circulation in the period of the child’s motor activity during the day, and a sharp decrease in vascular tone during sleep. Easy massage shin improves blood flow and relieves unpleasant stiffness. The formation of elastic fibers will end until 10-12 years of life, and the night will have muscle spasms.

But pain in the muscles of the bones of a child caused by orthopedic disabilities requires thorough medical examination and treatment . Also, pain in the muscles of the legs may cause some common diseases of the vascular system, such as:

nerve pain

Atherosclerosis and disease of the veins associated with the delay and accumulation of cholesterol plaques on the inner shell. The occurrence of seals on the walls of the blood vessels is associated with metabolic disorders, and may be due to spasm caused by high blood pressure to arterial beings. Attention to atherosclerosis is still cold throughout the year, with muscle aches compressible in nature and intensified; Spatters are caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels during slowing of blood flow. Often distressed women, especially during pregnancy, have the feeling of worry in the legs.

Symptoms begin to appear in early childhood, burning, cramps, pain in the calf muscles. The great danger is a chronic form. Thrombophlebitis. Inflammation of the lining of the veins leads to the formation of blood clots, which irritates nerve tips, manifests bumps, hurts pain. The disease can affect the deep and superficial veins.

Pain in the muscles of the bones can also be caused by a violation of the skiatic nerve upon displacement or Hernia disc. Constant irritation roots sciatica able to penetrate the entire foot to the tone sharp, shocking pain.

The treatment is chosen depending on the source of pain only on the basis of magnetic resonance diagnosis.

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Lose 10 kg forever

You would like to shuffle the extra kilos without reconnecting it. How you do this is now practically set out in a new book. What you read may surprise you.

It’s New Year’s Day 2008 and you’re sitting in a full hall. Everyone in the slimming club has one intention: to lose weight in the coming year. And you do it too. Two years later, you’re keeping your money – and only the front two rows did not turn all that weight back on. Move the watch until 2012. From the original group only the front row is getting lean.

About 85% of all people who lose weight will re-enter (and more) within two years . After four years the percentage is 95%, says dr. Luc Evenepoel, Cape Town’s narcotist and author of the book Dr. Luc’s Promise: Lose the Weight & Keep It Off (Penguin, 2012).

Google “weight loss” and you get about 8 million web pages in 0.3 second. On the website everydiet.org about 400 diets are analyzed and criticized. Then there are the hot sellers: The Atkins Diet, South Beach, Ornish …

Yet a billion people on the planet are overweight. And everybody should lose weight for aesthetic reasons, but their health. Fat tissue, especially those around your waist, is dangerous. It releases harmful substances and plays a role from diabetes to cancer.

“Your body has an ideal weight, which always tends to. It differs from person to person, and from firefighter to “cushions” in strategic places. But if you lose only 5 kg and do not put it back on, it already has health benefits , “said Dr. Luc, who received information for his book from various international study findings.

Thus, a major 16-year study focused on people with weight-related problems. Those who only lost 3 kg permanently were healthier than those who reached their ideal weight but gained weight. So if you want to get rid of the kilograms, do it in such a way that you can sustain it. Do not make the same mistake over and over again.

Keep in mind

You are likely to lose weight on that diet, yes. But you’re not going to eat indefinitely like this. And then all those fat just go back and get a good deal. Diets take you too far away from your usual ways – your individual life, your environment and your preferences. In addition: If you decide not to eat chocolate for 100 days, what are you going to do on day 101? You’re going to celebrate it with chocolate, not with lettuce!

Weight loss is not about bulky endurance. Relax and spoil yourself occasionally. Eat a small piece of chocolate a few times a week. Our bodies did not change with the times. Portions have grown steadily and are now about 35% bigger than fifty years ago.

Tips for beautiful eyes

Your eyes are your eye-catchers, so make sure they stand out! With a fresh look, you can handle everything and everyone. These tips ensure an amazing result!

Tip 1: bags

Those bags must be the first to leave the door. Unfortunately, as a mother you do not always get up to eight hours of sleep per night. Therefore, in the morning, cool your eyes with raw potato or cucumber slices or use a special eye mask that you put in the fridge at night. Your bags disappear like snow in the sun.

Tip 2: the right shape

If your eyebrows are in the wrong shape, your eyes may appear much smaller than they actually are. Let the beautician apply a good shape and keep it well. Tighten your skin and epilate with the hair growth direction. Tip: your skin is less sensitive after a hot shower.

Tip 3: dream eyelashes

Every woman dreams of long, thick, curly eyelashes. Unfortunately, we are often endowed with less. You can create a curly eyelash by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler beforehand. Then apply a few layers of mascara from the root to the tip. Also pay attention to the hairs on the side of your eyes.

Tip 4: perfect line

A well-fitted eyeliner brings your eyes forward. The best way is to gently pull your eyelid and draw the line from the inner corner of the eye outwards. Take care of a thin brush and let the line dry before you go over it again.

Tip! Smokissime for smokey eyes

Have you always wanted beautiful smokey eyes, but do not know how? With the L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Smokissime you create them in one easy movement! The ultra soft powder structure is easy to apply; put a line with the precision tip, spread the powder with the side of this top and reinforce the look until you have achieved the desired result.

Tip 5: small eyes

Apply light eye shadow to your entire eyelid up to your eyebrow arch. That’s how your eye looks bigger. An extra light color or glimmer just below your eyebrow arch gives an open look. Make a darker color on the outside. Let the colors blend nicely into each other, by fading them.

Tip 6: mother-of-pearl

Do not be too enthusiastic about all kinds of mother-of-pearl colors. It shines nicely but this hue also attracts small wrinkles faster. A little subtle shine just below the eyebrow arch is beautiful.

Tip 7: powder

Eyeshadow can sometimes sit in your eye folds. The effect? An ugly indent in the middle of your eyelid. Therefore put some powder on your eyelid before applying eye shadow. That way your eyeshadow stays good and beautiful

Beginner ab workouts to form your stomach

Most of my friends who start training want to know what the best beginner is from workouts. There is no doubt that a flat stomach or the construction of six-pack abs is one of the main goals why people start working.

The fact is that the abdominal workout you do is not as important as it seems. If you want to get rid of the stomach fat you need to focus on your diet and do cardiovascular exercises to burn calories. This will make your abs visible. By eating calorie-rich foods and doing hundreds of core exercises, it’s almost impossible for most of us. In my opinion, the rule is 70% nutrition and 30% work out

Now why we need to train the core muscles

Nuclear workouts will help you to strengthen and show the muscles of the midsection. This means that you have transversal and rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques and low back. A strong core is vital for healthy balance and posture. It takes part in almost every move you make. A weak core is one of the main reasons why people suffer from low back pain and other injuries while working out.

What you need to pay attention to It’s not hard to find new workouts for beginners online. But how do you know if they are effective or not? What should you focus on during the workout? What is a good routine? Follow the rules of the following list.

A good routine targets all parts of the core muscles

You must learn how to perform the different movements correctly to get the best stimulation and avoid injuries. always warm up for your education, especially your back. do not just do crunches . Several studies have shown that crunches are one of the least effective stomach exercises. Do composite exercises like burpees, boards and mountain climbers.

These moves make not only your core strength but also the strengthening of your heartbeat since almost all the muscles work together. Which leads to higher calorie burn. Do not hold on to a particular program for a long time and try different exercises . After a while, your muscles will use the same movements, and they will not stimulate so much.

Once you are familiar with the beginner abdominal exercises , the teams and the sets increase . There is no reason to train your abs every day if it is suggested by some fitness gurus. The muscles of the midsection must rest and time to recover both. 3-5 times a week is enough.

If you want to build flat stomach you need to lead all other muscle groups. Find out what works best for you . Try different beginner core exercises for beginners, there is a lot out there. What works for others, it’s not sure if it’s going to be effective for you.

Potato Peels Are Healthier Or Not

The potato is always eaten a lot in the Netherlands. But there are sometimes conflicting sounds about whether you should or should not peel them. The vitamins would be in or just under the skin. With some dishes, potatoes are served with peel. So what about that really with that peel of our beloved piepers? Uchpa.org has explained it briefly.

Short history

The potato has been eaten for a long time. In the sixteenth century the potato came to Europe from Peru. Today, Peru and Chile are in conflict about from which of these two countries the potato originates. The anecdote is that the potato was introduced to the French court. The cooks, however, had prepared the plant and not the tubers. Obviously that was not a success. A poor workman later discovered the roasted potatoes in a heap of waste and discovered that a good food to eat was hidden under the skin.

The potato is popular

The potato is not so popular for nothing. You can prepare it in many ways. Typical Dutch is of course cooking the potato and then serving with a similarly cooked vegetable. Thanks to the many types of vegetables, you can vary extensively with that. But a potato can of course also be fried, deep-fried, steamed or puffed. In addition, there are now all kinds of special dishes in the supermarket with which you can add even more variety.

Potato peel or not?

You sometimes hear contradictory noises about whether or not potatoes are peeled. One says that you have to peel the potato. Another thinks that a potato including skin is the healthiest. And a third peels the potato as thin as possible because all vitamins would be just under the skin.

How healthy is the potato actually

In the Netherlands the potato has long been a fixed factor in our food pattern. The food center also recommends regular potatoes for a long time. And that is not for nothing, because there is a lot of vitamin C in potatoes. But you also find vitamin B, potassium, iron and zinc in the potato. In the mid-eighteenth century, the average Dutch person ate one kilo of potatoes per day. Nowadays that is only about 100 grams per day.

Carbohydrates in potatoes

Nowadays there are many people who follow a diet based on as little carbohydrate as possible. Eating potatoes every day is not an option. Understandably, because in 100 grams of boiled potatoes are no less than 16 grams of carbohydrates. With 100 grams of fries, that is even 40 grams! But if you leave the potato, you have to make sure that you get the necessary nutrients in a different way.

What is in the shell of the potato?

There are no excess substances in the shell that are missing in the rest of the potato. So you can safely peel them. However, there are fibers in the shell. With some fruits, however, there are relatively more vitamins in the shell. This protects the fruit itself against bacteria and fungi. You do not have to eat potato peel for the vitamins. With the potato, the protection takes place, among other things, thanks to the poison solanine in the shell.

Do potatoes contain poison?

Yes, there is poison in the potato. That is to say: especially in the potato peel. The potato is in fact a member of the nightshade family, a certain family of plants. Many plants in this family are poisonous and are used for all kinds of medicines. But also normal edible vegetables, such as peppers, aubergines and tomatoes belong to this family.

The poison in the potato peel is initially present in a very small amount. If a potato is exposed to light or exposed to light, green spots appear in and just under the skin. This is also where the foothills develop over time. The green color indicates that there is an increased concentration of solanine there. That is why potatoes are best kept dark and cool.

If you eat a potato with a green spot, you will not immediately become very ill. As with many things, it mainly depends on the amount you get inside. But it is unwise to eat old potatoes with suckers and all.

Still eat potatoes with peel?

If you make sure that you eat the potato, if it is still fresh, that is possible in principle. There are many countries where they often eat potatoes with peel. For example in America. There they often eat baked potato, including the skin. According to the Mayo clinic, an authoritative clinic in America, the fibers in the skin are important. They ensure that the healthy nutrients in the potato are better preserved during preparation.

Pesticides on the peel

Finally, a little bit about the possibility of pesticide on the skin of the potato. Some people are afraid of that. They therefore want to peel the potato for that reason. In principle, there can be pesticides on the outside of the potato. But fortunately that is not so bad in the Netherlands. There are many rules concerning the use of pesticides. In certain other countries, especially the less developed countries with less stringent regulations, this chance is greater. You have to be more careful.

How is a breast augmentation performed?

If you have an implant you can choose from implants filled with saline or silicone. However, both options have a silicone shell. Because implants filled with a saline solution sometimes feel less natural when placed directly under the skin or mammary gland, they have since been largely replaced by silicone implants. Silicone gel feels more natural and offers a long-lasting stable shape and projection. In addition, this gel is now form-retaining, so that in the unlikely event of a damaged casing the gel can never leak. Long-term follow-up studies have shown that the current generation of silicone implants does not adversely affect general health. Implants of form-retaining gel are available in both round and anatomical forms. Implants filled with saline are only available in a round version. On the other hand, they can be inserted through small slices, so that in certain cases excellent results can be obtained when placed under the pectoral muscle. We rest on all implants that we use Lifetime Warranty.

In addition to implants, autologous fat transplantation or lipofilling can also be used. During this procedure, liposuction removes adipose tissue in places where it is stored, such as the thighs, the abdomen and the hips. After treatment the fat is suitable for lipofilling. We inject small amounts of healthy fat into the tissue that needs to be enlarged. In certain cases, natural looking, life-long enlargement can be realized without scarring. In other cases lipofilling can be used as an addition to a smaller implant so that a more natural and longer lasting result is obtained.

Who is a good candidate for a breast augmentation?

This technique is suitable for everyone. If you already have some breast volume and want one or two cup sizes larger, lipofilling can be a good solution. If you want larger changes in shape or volume, an implant or a combination of implants with lipofilling is possible.

How do you prepare for breast enlargement?

For natural women: if you are over 30, a recent mammography is required

Quit smoking

If you have opted for lipofilling, a lipo panty must be ordered (by us or by you)
Special breast bandage for postoperative use: comfortable and increases the result and can be ordered by us or by you

How is a breast augmentation performed?

For a breast augmentation one day stay in the hospital is sufficient. If you have to travel far, it is recommended to spend one night in the vicinity. Depending on your medical history and any additional treatment with lipofilling, the procedure can take place under local sedation with sedation or under general anesthesia.

Time investment / recovery / aftercare:
The supportive breast bandage should be worn for two to three weeks and then replaced with a sports bra.
After six weeks a support bra is allowed again.
You must wear liposculpture pants for six weeks.
You can not lift heavily and do not exercise for three weeks.
After the operation you can experience a heavy (pressure) feeling in the area of ??surgery, this is normal. If the implant is placed under the muscle, it is normal that you experience more postoperative pain.

What are the risks of breast augmentation?


Bleeding or hematoma may occur in the first 24 hours after surgery. Thereafter, as with any operation, a wound infection can occur. An infection that necessitates removal of the implant is extremely rare.


The silicone shell of the implant is provided with a special surface that allows the surrounding tissue to attach itself firmly to the implant (encapsulation). This is a normal reaction that keeps the implant in the right position. In the long term, however, this capsule may contract in the same way as scar tissue (capsular contraction) causing the breast to change shape. This can sometimes lead to discomfort or even pain. The smaller the implant is with respect to the current tissue, the smaller the chance that this will happen.

With implants that are placed behind the muscle, a movement can occur upwards, especially if the muscle is too stressed immediately after the operation.

Sensitivity of the nipple and areola may be temporarily less after surgery because there are differences in the rate of innervation that can not be predicted.

Chronic pain: a particularly small number of patients experience atypical chronic pains with no apparent clinical cause, usually only on one side.

Tips For Shaving Every Day The Right Look!

The one has to save two weeks for a small fad, the other shaves in the morning and has a big stubble in the evening. Whatever face growth you have, shave or trim everyone needs.

Men who do not grow a huge beard sometimes doubt how and how often they have to shave for the best result. Of course, there is not one perfect look, because tastes differ. Yet there are certain things you can do to ensure that you always look sharp.

Accentuate your jawline

Unfortunately, we do not all have the jawline of Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt, but that does not mean we can not handle anything. With a beard you can perfectly accentuate your jaw line, even if it is virtually absent from you. You do this by leaving at least a small opaque stubbly beard and shaving it under your jaw line.

You follow a tight line, creating a sort of shadow that gives you a stronger jaw line. A big mistake of many men is that they shave the (stubble) beard too high. Do not shave right on the jaw bone, but just below. The beard falls just below your jaw and the border between shaved and unshaven is less visible, which is much nicer.


First trimming for volume, then length

Do you want to leave a slightly longer beard and have your face always shaved clean, start with a short trim. Trim your beard regularly with a top piece so that your beard gets the time to get well filled. Some hairs grow less quickly than others.

For More Information About Beard Growth Visit – http://uchpa.org website

Once your beard is fuller, you can grow it a little longer. It is also good to regularly trim a bit, so that the length of the entire beard remains the same. On the chin, for example, the beard grows faster than on the cheeks. You can easily determine the length of your beard with different attachments.

Do not wait too long to replace the blades

It is something that all too often fails: replace the blades. Yet it is actually something that you should be working on, because the sharpness of your blades largely determine how the shave itself goes. With blunt blades, shaving is more difficult, more painful and the risk of a wound is greater.

With electrical razors this problem is a lot less, but here too it does not hurt to occasionally look critically to see if the head piece needs to be replaced. Your skin will thank you.

The mighty brain of man

A species we performed extremely well. Homo sapiens is not very strong either, not very fast or rats or well adapted to heat or cold. But the 5.8 million million human beings on this planet occupy a larger part of the Earth’s land surface than any other species.

It is the 1.4kg of our brain that brought us where we are today, just humanly speaking. Together with a handy hand and ability to speak, which in each case requires a good brain, it’s humanity’s “gray matter”, which this single type of life is the most comfortable, widespread, intelligent, exuberant, creative and potential devastating earthly species ever made.

Here We The Brainys explains that the brain is divided into separate structures, all with different roles. (No leek will, however, be able to show that the brain is the organ of intelligence. The old Greek wisdom and scientific Aristotle, as far as the first person who attributed organs attributes, has thought the brain is a cooling mechanism – and that start your nose to drain the cooling fluid. He concluded that the heart is the seat of thought because it knocks faster when one gets excited or scared.)

The brain is unique in that the left and right functions differently, so the left side is considered dominant, even at left-handed ones. Victims of a stroke destroying the dominant side will die, while similar damage, on the other hand, is not necessarily fatal.

Damage on the right side of a right hand rarely leads to flawed speech. Almost all such failures are caused by damage to the left because the left side is in control of one’s language use.

Differences between the two brain halves even exist in newborn babies. Sailors usually turn four times more to the right than to the left. Where both speech and skill are usually regulated by the brain’s dominant left shoulder, the right side is free for different tasks, as well as controlling the body’s left side. It is more focused on spatial activities, the expression and recognition of emotion and the recognition of faces.

The left side is the word for words and the right side for words. You can test it with a friend who is willing to work together. Stand for this person and ask a verbal (verbal) or arithmetic question. He will probably look to the right side. After a spatial question – for example: what is directly below the toilet on the top floor? – should turn his eyes to the left. The eyes move to reduce the visual input to that half of the brain that should be taken into consideration – to the right for verbal questions and to the left for spatial questions.

Inside the brain with its 50 thousand million neurons or nerve cells RIGHT , each nerve cell capable of a very small electrical pulse firing, and get to do it on the basis of input he receives from other nerve cells. Some impulses are very weak – the whole brain only produces about 20 watts of power – but every firing must be enough to repel the next cell or group of cells.

Burn Belly Fat – The Fatal 4 Mistakes

In our workshops and during our challenges and programs I always notice that it works best to start with an explanation of the pitfalls that many people encounter. Because if you know what to look out for, then it is much easier not to make a fatal mistake.

Often, after discussing the fatal errors, people immediately see what they are doing and immediately have an idea of ??how they can do better in the future. So let’s see what the 4 fatal errors are when it comes to burning belly fat.

Mistake 1: Follow a diet

Probably you are now staring at the image with raised eyebrows, while you think: “But Jasper, you have to follow a diet to lose weight? That is the whole purpose of the diet! “

Yes and no, let me explain it.

Following a diet is an excellent way to break your normal pattern and do something else. Because you know: if you keep doing what you always do, you will get what you always received. So if you are overweight right now, something will have to change to lose weight. Dieting is a great way to initiate that change. The problem I have with a diet is that it implies that it is something temporary.

You do it for a week, or two weeks or maybe for a month, but at a certain point you stop a diet. And what happens next? Yes, you guessed it. You fall back into your old patterns. You fall back into your old behavior. You start eating what you eat ‘normally’ and you start drinking what you drank ‘normally’.

And it is of course no surprise that your weight will soon return to your ‘normal’ level, too heavy. Instead of rigidly changing your eating habits and going lines or diets for 4 weeks, I advise you to change in small steps, but to continue to make those changes. Sounds awkward? Do not worry. Later in this article you will learn exactly how you can easily achieve this.

For people who do not want to wait any longer, visit https://www.shareprocket.com/ for more information. On that list you will find all the products you can eat if you want to lose weight. Following a diet is the first mistake I see many people make when they want to burn their belly fat.

Mistake 2: Do abdominal exercises

For years, golden-tanned ladies and gentlemen with snow-white teeth told us at Tell Sell how they got a tight stomach by using the most diverse abdominal muscle devices. That’s why we all started thinking that abdominal exercises are the way to get rid of your belly fat. But that is not the way it works.

Abdominal exercises make your abdominal muscles stronger, but if there is a thick layer of fat over the tube muscles, you will not see it at all. And the number of calories that you burn during such an abdominal muscle training are practically negligible. So abdominal exercises do not help you burn your belly fat.

What (next to healthy eating) helps to burn your belly fat is strength training. And preferably, short and intensive strength training. The people who are interested in this can download a free training schedule that I have developed specifically to stimulate abdominal fat burning (and overall fat burning). Exercising abdominal exercises is the second mistake I see many people make when they want to burn their belly fat.

Mistake 3: Stop eating good food

Yes, that’s right: if you want to lose weight you absolutely should not stop eating good food. Is not that a great news? And this is what I mean in two different ways. Let me explain it to you. First of all, it is important that after you decide to eat healthier in order to burn your belly fat, you do not say things to yourself like: “I will never eat chocolate again”, “I stop drinking” or “I will from now on never eat again “.

Why not? Because that is not true at all. How stupid would it be if you can never eat a chocolate again from now on. I would not be happy about that. Because you know, sometimes I just fancy a chocolate, and do you know what I do? Then I just eat one. (Note, I say “one”, not “the whole suit” 😉

And furthermore I mean by “absolutely not stopping with good food”, that you still have to continue to enjoy the three main meals of the day. I often see that people who start to lose weight suddenly start eating very little and very sparingly. For example, they only eat salads or vegetables without flavorings. And that is absolutely unnecessary, there are a lot of delicious meals that help you lose weight quickly. Here are a few:

In the Slimming Pro Pack you will find many more delicious healthy recipes that help you lose weight.

Stopping good food is the third mistake I see many people make when they want to lose weight.

Mistake 4: Do cardio training

In addition to “eating less”, “running a round” is the most popular slimming tip. Sounds logical, but unfortunately there are few people who just think one step further and see if this is really a good idea. Let me first say that running in itself is not really unhealthy, and that it can even help with weight loss. But there are also a number of negative aspects that are not often mentioned. I briefly discuss them here.

First of all, running is very sensitive to injury. Because you make the same movement for a long time, wear often occurs on the hip, knee and ankle joint. That is why you encounter many runners who have had an injury more than once. And if you are overweight, this wear will often only go faster for the simple reason that there is more pressure on your joints.

Did you know, for example, that you put 3 times more pressure on your knees when you run than when you just walk. In addition, long-term running can ensure that too much of the stress hormone cortisol is produced in your body. This hormone is known to break down muscle tissue and just slow down fat burning. And that muscle tissue you just want to keep because muscles accelerate fat burning.

That is not all, by the way. I could write a very special article about how more running does not address the cause of your overweight (that’s too many sugars and carbohydrates but more about that later), but only tries to fight the symptoms by burning calories.

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